Task: Create the branding and package design for a bottle of choice. Use Adobe Dimension and Aero to create an immersive experience and view a product through a realistic lens 
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Dimension
Role: Brand Creator, Concept and Graphic Designer
In researching, I noticed much of the existing package design of hard ciders was masculine and playing off of a  haunted  "Snow White-esque" poison apple. I wanted to create a hard cider that was more appealing visually to women, being that ciders are one of my favorite beverages to sip on, and wanted to create an experience surrounding the drink to extend it beyond the fall season. 
The concept to create a brand centered around Aphrodite's apple of discord comes from my childhood passion for learning about Greek Mythology. Using the goddess Aphrodite for a cider brand also nods to the fact that when under the influence, perception is altered and people can appear more attractive.
Using Adobe Aero, I created an Augmented Reality mockup which can be projected into real life. This allowed me to test how my product would appear and interact in a space outside of my computer.
Golden Apple Hard Cider Logo
Golden Apple Hard Cider Logo

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