Task: Create an experience through branding in developing a conceptual coastal womenswear boutique, Daybreak
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign
Role: Brand Creator, Concept Development, Curator and Graphic Designer

Above: Selection from Spring/Summer 2022 Look-book

Daybreak is a conceptual womenswear boutique which strives to bring an ethically sourced and stylish, contemporary staple wardrobe to the ambitious, free- spirited woman.
Coastally inspired and locally curated, our elevated and timeless pieces ensure sustainability while providing our customer with confidence and inspiration.
Experience Vision
Daybreak storefronts are envisioned to be found in beach-side towns which see summer vacationers seasonally. In villages and towns with walkability to coffee houses, book stores, and local, small businesses, a passerby who is strolling after grabbing lunch from the beach would notice the bohemian-chic vibe of Daybreak and feel welcomed to come in and shop our inventory.
Brand Standards


Colors and Type
Branding in-use
Clothing Tag
Clothing Tag
Shopping Bag
Shopping Bag
Cloth Label
Cloth Label
Sale Signage
Sale Signage
Tissue Paper Packaging
Tissue Paper Packaging
In-Store Signage
Spring/Summer 2022 Look book 
Printed Collateral
Street Posters
Bus Stop Ad
Newspaper Ads
Digital Marketing
Instagram Feed Mockup

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